SUBJECT Cosmic Forklift Parts New Parts NO.393-About CosMic and CPW Hydraulic pump
DATE 2020-09-16

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Cosmic Forklift Parts specialized in forklift spare parts Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Komatsu, Tcm
Also can provide some of DAEWOO, HYSTER, YALE, CAT and CLARK.

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Cosmic Forklift Parts New Parts NO.393-About CosMic and CPW Hydraulic pump


*** You never know about "WHO IS CosMic"***
Since 1970
CosMic is a specialize manufacturer in TAIWAN.
CosMic has OVER 50 years develop and produce experience.
CosMic has Research and Development (R&D) department.
CosMic draw over 168,530 drawings for producetion.
CosMic opened over 68,505 molds.
CosMic make over 135,312 tools and fixture for QC checking and producetion.

Cosmic company have 3 Brands,
CBC     ==  the brand is for all Mast Roller.
C-parts ==  the brand is for all Forklift parts.
CPW     ==  the brand is for all Hydraulic pumps and Water pumps.

You do not need to worry about quality when you buy CPW hydraulic pump.
Please use CPW hydraulic pump 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 53 weeks a year.
over 1~10 years service life, 1*53*7*24 = over 8904~89040 hours!!!!
CPW hydraulic pump is long service life.
CPW hydraulic pump is powerfull.
CPW hydraulic pump is stabilizing.
CPW hydraulic pump is quiet.
CPW hydraulic pump is worth.
CPW hydraulic pump is real TOP quality.
CPW hydraulic pump is real 100% Made In Taiwan.
Don't doubt it!!!

*** Who are mostly in need to buy CPW hydraulic pump ***
1. USER: do you want to pay more money and time to repair the same damage pump in a few weeks?
2. Repairman: do you want to repair again and again in a few weeks for your warranty service?
3. Hair service: do you want to change and change the lift truck with the client?
4. Retailer: do you want to pay more express from buyer and seller for the warranty pump?
5. Wholesale: do you sell a lot of cheap pumps and get a lot of client complaints and lose the money and client?
6. Distributor: CPW is growing every day, do not miss the chance.

Some customers compare our pump with others,
they said CPW is so expensive,
it is true, CPW price is not cheap, CPW quality is not cheap too.
Don't said our price is high when you never use CPW pump.

As you know, CPW offer different price for different customers.
we do this (5 level price range) for our distributor in the future,

ONCE again, CPW will not sell any pump to some markets when we have a distributor in that country.

====== Give CPW a chance is Give you a chance ========



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