SUBJECT Cosmic Forklift Parts New Parts NO.396-[CPW] Hydraulic pump KOMATSU Catalogue
DATE 2020-09-29

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[CPW] Hydraulic pump KOMATSU Catalogue

CPW NO. Parts No Model  Engine Flow Rate
CRP4A23CSCA1-1 4943595 KOMATSU FG15-12   23
CRP4A19ASCA1 20120-36036 KOMATSU   19
CRP4A12.12.14CDCA8A6F7 21E-60-12110 KOMATSU PU20   12+12+14
CRP4A12.12.12CDMA8-3 21F-60-12110 KOMATSU   12+12+12
CRP4A27.17CDCA1-2-1 23A-60-11100 KOMATSU   27+17
CRP4A27.17CDCA1-2-2 23A-60-11101 KOMATSU   27+17
CRP4A27CSCA1-1 34B-60-81110 KOMATSU   27
CRP4A23CSCA1-2 37B-1KA-2040 KOMATSU FD25N10-H20   23
CRP4A30ASCA1-1 37B-1KB-2020 KOMATSU FGD20~25Z11   30
CRP4A30ASCA1-2 37B-1KB-2021 KOMATSU FGD20~30Z11   30
CRP4A33ASCA1-1 37B-1KB-2030 KOMATSU FGD20~25Z11   33
CRP4A33ASCA1-2 37B-1KB-2031 KOMATSU FGD20~25Z11   33
CRP4A27CSCA1-2 37B-1KE-2021 KOMATSU   27
CRP4A21CSCA1-1 37B-1KE-2030 KOMATSU   21
CRP4A21CSCA1-2 37B-1KE-2031 KOMATSU   21
CRP4A27CSCA1-3 37B-1KE-2050 KOMATSU FG20~30-11(Z24) Z24 27
CRP4A27CSCA1-4 37B-1KE-2051 KOMATSU FG20~30H-11 Z24 27
CRP4A27CSCA1-5 37B-AKE-2050 KOMATSU FG20~30-11(Z24) Z24 27
CRP4A27ASCA1-1 3BC-60-11110 KOMATSU   27
CRP4A23CSCA1-3 3DE-60-12251 KOMATSU    23
CRP4A19CSCA1-1 3EA-60-11160 KOMATSU    19
CRP4A23CSCA1-4 3EA-60-31110 KOMATSU FG   23
CRP4A23CSCA1-5 3EA-60-31310 KOMATSU FG   23
CRP4A23CSCA1-6 3EA-60-A2210 KOMATSU FG20~25-12   23
CRP4A23CSCA1-7 3EA-60-A2211 KOMATSU FG20~25-12   23
CRP4A19CSCA1-2 3EA-60-A5210 KOMATSU   19
CRP4A19CSCA1-3 3EB-60-11110 KOMATSU   19
CRP4A27ASCA1-2 3EB-60-11140 KOMATSU   27
CRP4A23CSCA1-8 3EB-60-11210 KOMATSU FG20~30-11   23
CRP4A23CSCA1-9 3EB-60-11320 KOMATSU FG20~25-12   23
CRP4A23CSCA1-10 3EB-60-11330 KOMATSU FG20~25-12   23
CRP4A33CSCA1-1 3EB-60-11510 KOMATSU FB15-20   33
CRP4A19CSCA1-4 3EB-60-12110 KOMATSU   19
CRP4A23CSCA1-11 3EB-60-12210 KOMATSU FG25Z11-H20   23
CRP4A23CSCA1-12 3EB-60-12220 KOMATSU   23
CRP4A23CSCA1-13 3EB-60-12230 KOMATSU    23
CRP4A23CSCA1-14 3EB-60-12250 KOMATSU    23
CRP4A23CSCA1-15 3EB-60-12251 KOMATSU FG15-12   23
CRP4A27CSCA1-6 3EB-60-12310 KOMATSU   27
CRP4A27CSCA1-7 3EB-60-12320 KOMATSU   27
CRP4A27ASCA1-3 3EB-60-12410 KOMATSU FD25~30Z8/10 C240 27
CRP4A27ASCA1-4 3EB-60-12411 KOMATSU FD25J-12 C240 27
CRP4A27ASCA1-5 3EB-60-12412 KOMATSU FD25~30Z8/10 C240 27
CRP4A27CSCA1 3EB-60-12430 KOMATSU   27
CRP4A27ASCA1-6 3EB-60-12510 KOMATSU FD20~30Z10   27
CRP4A33CSCA1-2 3EB-60-2261Y KOMATSU   33
CRP4A23CSMA1 3EB-60-31310 KOMATSU   23
CRP4A23CSCA1-16 3EB-60-A2160 KOMATSU FG20~25-12   23
CRP4A23CSCA1-17 3EB-60-A5110 KOMATSU FG15-12   23
CRP4A25CSCA1 3EB-60-A5220 KOMATSU FG30N7S   25
CRP4A27ASCA1-7 3EB-60-A5410 KOMATSU FD20~30-12   27
CRP4A27ASCA1-8 3EB-60-A5460 KOMATSU   27
CRP4A14CSCA1 3RA-60-11100 KOMATSU   14
CRP4A17CSCA1 3RA-60-19100 KOMATSU   17
CRP4A23CSCA1-18 3RB-60-11110 KOMATSU FG15-12   23
CRP4A33CSCA1-3 L91-60-11510 KOMATSU FB15-20   33
CRP4A33ASCA1-3 L91-60-11610 KOMATSU   33
CFZ4A25.15CTCA3-1 37B-1KA-4010 KOMATSU FG20L/25L-15 H15 25+15
CFZ4A25.15CTCA3-2 37B-1KA-4020 KOMATSU FG20/25-15 and FG20N/25N-15 H20 25+15
CFZ4A27.15CTCA3-1 37B-1KA-4040 KOMATSU FG20H/30H-15 H25 27+15
CFZ4A25.15CTCA3-3 37B-1KA-5020 KOMATSU FG20/25/-16 K21 25+15
CFZ4A25.15CTCA3-4 37B-1KA-5021 KOMATSU FG20N/25N/-16 K21 25+15
CFZ4A27.15CTCA3-2 37B-1KA-5040 KOMATSU FG30-16 K25 27+15
CFZ4A27.15CTCA3-3 37B-1KA-5042 KOMATSU FG20H/25H/30H-16 K25 27+15
CFZ4A25.15CTCA3-1 37B-1KA-A710 KOMATSU FD20~30H15   25+15
CFZ4A25.15CTCA3-2 37B-1KA-A711 KOMATSU FD20~30H15   25+15
CFZ4A25.15CTCA3-3 37B-1KA-A712 KOMATSU FD20~30H15   25+15
CFZ4A25.15ATCA3-1 37B-1KB-4040 KOMATSU FD20/30-15 AND FD20N/30N-15 4D94E 25+15
CFZ4A27.15ATCA3-1 37B-1KB-4050 KOMATSU FD20H/30H-15 4D98E 27+15
CFZ4A27.15ATCA3-2 37B-1KB-5020 KOMATSU FD30H-16 4D98E 27+15
CFZ4A25.15ATCA3-2 37B-1KB-5040 KOMATSU FD20/30-16 4D94E 25+15
CFZ4A25.15ATCA3-3 37B-1KB-5041 KOMATSU FD20-30-16 4D94E 25+15
CFZ4A25.15ATCA3-4 37B-1KB-5042 KOMATSU FD20-30-16 4D94LE 25+15
CFZ4A27.15ATCA3-3 37B-1KB-5050 KOMATSU FD20H/25H/30H-16 4D98E 27+15
CFZ4A27.15ATCA3-4 37B-1KB-5051 KOMATSU FD20H/25H/30H-16 4D98E 27+15
CFZ4A27.15ATCA3-5 37B-1KB-5052 KOMATSU FD20H/25H/30H-16 4D98E 27+15
CFZ4A25.15.7CTCA3A7-1 37B-1KC-4010 KOMATSU FG20/30-15 H20 25+15+7
CFZ4A27.15.7CTCA3A7-1 37B-1KC-4020 KOMATSU FG20H/30H-15 H25 27+15+7
CFZ4A25.15.7CTCA3A7-2 37B-1KC-5010 KOMATSU FG20/25-16 K21 25+15+7
CFZ4A25.15.7CTCA3A7-3 37B-1KC-5011 KOMATSU FG20/25-16 K21 25+15+7
CFZ4A27.15.7CTCA3A7-2 37B-1KC-5020 KOMATSU FG30-16 K25 27+15+7
CFZ4A27.15.7CTCA3A7-3 37B-1KC-5021 KOMATSU FG20H/25H-16 K25 27+15+7
CFZ4A27.15.7CTCA3A7-4 37B-1KC-5022 KOMATSU FG30/FG20H/25H-16 K25 27+15+7
CFZ4A25.15.7ATCA3A7-1 37B-1KD-4020 KOMATSU FD20/30-15 4D94E 25+15+7
CFZ4A27.15.7ATCA3A7-1 37B-1KD-4050 KOMATSU FD20H/30H-15 4D98E 27+15+7
CFZ4A25.15.7ATCA3A7-2 37B-1KD-5020 KOMATSU FD20/30-16 4D94LE 25+15+7
CFZ4A25.15.7ATCA3A7-3 37B-1KD-5021 KOMATSU FD20/30-16 4D94LE 25+15+7
CFZ4A25.15.7ATCA3A7-4 37B-1KD-5022 KOMATSU FD20/30-16 4D94LE 25+15+7
CFZ4A27.15.7ATCA3A7-2 37B-1KD-5050 KOMATSU FD20H/30H-16 4D98E 27+15+7
CFZ4A27.15.7ATCA3A7-3 37B-1KD-5051 KOMATSU FD20H/30H-16 4D98E 27+15+7
CFZ4A27.15.7ATCA3A7-4 37B-1KD-5052 KOMATSU FD20H/30H-16 4D98E 27+15+7
CFY32B56.7ATCP1A2-1 3EC-60-31210 KOMATSU FD35~50T-7 6D102E,TB42  56+7
CFY32B56.7ATCP1A2-1 3EC-60-31211 KOMATSU FG35~50T-7 TB42  56+7
CFY32B56.7ATCP1A2-2 3EC-60-31710 KOMATSU FD50Z7 6D102/TB42 56+7
CFY32B56.7ATCP1A2-3 3EC-60-31711 KOMATSU FD35~50T-7 6D102E,TB42  56+7
CFY32B56.7ATCP1A2-2 3EC-60-31721 KOMATSU   56+7
CFY32B60.7ATCP1A2-1 3EC-60-31810 KOMATSU FD45-7 6D102 60+7
CFY32B60.7ATCP1A2-2 3EC-60-31811 KOMATSU FD50-7 6D102 60+7
CFP22A27CSCF1-1 30D-13-11590 KOMATSU FD50E-7   27
CFP22A21CGCF3 37A-1KA-4021 KOMATSU FG10~18 -20 K21 21
CFP22A19CSCF1-1 37B-1KA-3010 KOMATSU FD25L-12   19
CFP22A23CSCF1-1 37B-1KA-3020 KOMATSU FG25-30-12   23
CFP22A27CSCF1-2 37B-1KA-3040 KOMATSU   27
CFP22A28CSCF1-1 37B-1KA-3050 KOMATSU   28
CFP22A23ASCF1 37B-1KB-3020 KOMATSU FD15Z17   23
CFP22A27ASCF1-1 37B-1KB-3040 KOMATSU FG20-30T12   27
CFP22A27ASCF1-2 37B-1KB-3050 KOMATSU FD25~30.12-14   27
CFP22A18CSCG1 37R-1KF-8033 KOMATSU FB10~13-11/12   18
CFP22A32ASCF3 3EA-60-44110 KOMATSU FD15Z20-M223   32
CFP22A30ASCF1 3EB-60-27510 KOMATSU   30
CFP22A32CTCG1 720-2T-03750 KOMATSU   32
CFP22A19CSCF1-2 H26-1KA-3010 KOMATSU FD25L-12   19
CFP22A23CSCF1-2 H26-1KA-3020 KOMATSU   23
CFP22A28CSCF1-2 H26-1KA-3050 KOMATSU   28
CFP22A27ASCF1-3 H26-1KB-3040 KOMATSU FG20-30T12   27
CFP22A27CSCF1-3 OK610726A KOMATSU FD80-8   27
CFS33B60+5ASCA1A2 3EC-60-39920 KOMATSU FGD35~50Z8   60+5

✔ Oil pressure is stable and adequate
✔ Good performance under high temperature
✔ No noise & Long Life
✔ Accept Small Order
✔ After-Sales Service



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