SUBJECT Cosmic Forklift Parts New Parts NO.402-[CPW] Hydraulic pump NISSAN Catalogue
DATE 2020-11-05

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[CPW] Hydraulic pump NISSAN Catalogue


CPW NO. Parts No Model  Engine Flow Rate
CRP4A30CSCA1-1 69101-1K200 NISSAN   30
CRP4A30CSCA1-2 69101-1K200V NISSAN   30
CRP4A23CSMA1-1 69101-2K000 NISSAN P01L15   23
CRP4A23CSMA1-2 69101-2K001 NISSAN P01L15   23
CRP4A27CSCA5-1 69101-2K400 NISSAN QP02L25U   27
CRP4A27CSCA5-2 69101-2K401 NISSAN QP02L20U   27
CRP4A27CSCA1-1 69101-32H00 NISSAN   27
CRP4A27CSCA1-2 69101-41H00 NISSAN   27
CRP4A23CSMA6D3 69101-6G400 NISSAN CPJ02A25PV   23
CRP4A25CSCA1 69101-K6500 NISSAN   25
CRP4A14CSCA1 69101-L4000 NISSAN   14
CRP4A19CSCA1 69101-L4500 NISSAN   19
CRP4A17CSCA1 69101-L5001 NISSAN CB01, UB01   17
CGP4A14CDCA8-1 69101-L7511 NISSAN C01L14   14
CGP4A14CDCA8-2 69101-L7513 NISSAN C01L14   14
CRP4A33.33CTCA1-2 69501-4K000 NISSAN VF05H70V   33+33
CRP4A30.23CTCA1-2 69501-4K002 NISSAN   30+23
CRP4A27.23CDCA1-2 69501-L9002 NISSAN F05A60   27+23
CRP4A30.23CDCA1-2 69501-L9003 NISSAN F05A50~60 FD6 30+23
CRP4A19CSCA6F7-1 69101-04H00 NISSAN PH01-H20   19
CRP4A23CSCA6F7-1 69101-04H01 NISSAN PH01-H20   23
CRP4A23CSCA6F6-1 69101-04K00 NISSAN PH01-H20   23
CRP4A23CSCA6F6-2 69101-04K01 NISSAN   23
CRP4A23CSCA6F7-2 69101-11H00 NISSAN EH02 M25   23
CRP4A27CSCA6F7-1 69101-11H01 NISSAN EH02 M25   27
CRP4A23CSCA6F7-3 69101-11H02 NISSAN EH02 M25   23
CRP4A23CSCA6F7-4 69101-14H00 NISSAN EH02 F25   23
CRP4A27CSCA6F7-2 69101-14H01 NISSAN EH02 F25 SD22 27
CRP4A27CSCA6F7-1-1 69101-20H00 NISSAN 3K   27
CRP4A23CSCA6F7-1-1 69101-26H00 NISSAN EH02, A25U-3K   23
CRP4A27CSCA6F7-1-2 69101-26H01 NISSAN EH02 M25   27
CRP4A23CSCA6F7-1-2 69101-26H02 NISSAN EH02 M25-SD25   23
CRP4A27CSCA6F7-3 69101-26H03 NISSAN EH02 M25-Z25   27
CRP4A23CSCA6F7-1-3 69101-26H04 NISSAN EH02 M25-2K   23
CRP4A27CSCA6F7-1-5 69101-26H05 NISSAN EH02 M25-Z24   27
CRP4A33AGCA6F7 69101-4K000 NISSAN   33
CRP4A33AGCA6F7-1 69101-4K000V NISSAN   33
CRP4A27AGCA6F7 69101-4K005 NISSAN   27
CRP4A27AGCA6F7-1 69101-4K005V NISSAN   27
CRP4A27AGCA6F7-2 69101-4K006 NISSAN   27
CRP4A19CSCA6F7-2 69101-90H00 NISSAN PH01-H20   19
CRP4A27ASCA6F7-1-1 69101-91H00 NISSAN   27
CRP4A23CSCA6F7-1-4 69101-91H01 NISSAN EH02 M25   27
CRP4A27ASCA6F7-1-2 69101-93H00 NISSAN   27
CRP4A27ASCA6F7-1-1-1 69101-93H10 NISSAN   27
CRP4A23CSCA6F3 69101-K1407 NISSAN   23
CRP4A23CSCA6F3-1 69101-L1100 NISSAN   23
CRP4A23CSCA6F3-1-1 69101-L1101 NISSAN PH02 F30   23
CRP4A27CSCA6F3-1 69101-L1102 NISSAN PH02 F30   27
CRP4A23CSCA6F3-1-2 69101-L1401 NISSAN   23
CRP4A23CSCA6F3-1-3 69101-L1402 NISSAN   23
CRP4A23CSCA6F3-1-3 69101-L1403 NISSAN   23
CRP4A23CSCA6F3-1-4 69101-L1404 NISSAN   23
CRP4A27CSCA6F3-2 69101-L1407 NISSAN   27
CRP4A33CSCA6F3 69101-L6800 NISSAN CHF03A35U   33
CRP4A27ASCA6F3 69101-L9002 NISSAN F05   27
CRP4A27ASCA6F3-1 69101-L9003 NISSAN DF05N70V   27
CRP4A30AGCA6F7 69101-L9005 NISSAN   30
CFP4A283CSCA1 69101-FF202 NISSAN   283
CFZ4A32CSCA1 69101-FF203 NISSAN   32
CFG22A25CSCD4 69101-FK110 NISSAN L01 FG15-18 K15 25
CFG22A27CSCD4 69101-FK120 NISSAN L02 FG20-35-K21   27
CFG22A31CSCD2 69101-FK160 NISSAN MP1F2A20U K21 31
CFG22A34CSCD2 69101-FK170 NISSAN L02 FG20-35-K25 K25 34
CFP32A50ASCF1-1 69101-51H00 NISSAN   50
CFP32A50ASCF1-2 69101-51H01 NISSAN   50
CFP32A56ASCF1-1 69101-51H02 NISSAN   56
CFP22A23CSCF1 69101-51K00 NISSAN EJ02 F25   23
CFP22A27CSCF1 69101-51K01 NISSAN FJ02, J02   27
CFP22A30CSCF1 69101-51K02 NISSAN EJ02 F25   30
CFP22A23CSCR3 69101-51K06 NISSAN EJ02 F25   23
CFP22A27CSCR3 69101-51K07 NISSAN EJ02 F25   27
CFP22A30CSCR3 69101-51K08 NISSAN J02A30 BD30 30
CFP22A27CSCF1-2 69101-6G410 NISSAN EJ02 F25   27
CFP32B45ASCF1-1 69101-L6000 NISSAN F03/4   45
CFP32B45ASCF1-2 69101-L6100 NISSAN F04   45
CFP32A56ASCF1 69161-51H02 NISSAN F03A40   56
CFS23A25CSCD5A9 69101-FK165 NISSAN L01 FD15-18   25
CFS23A36ATCD5A5 69101-FK281 NISSAN L02FD20~30N 33L4C  
CFS22A30CLCA3 69101-GG00A NISSAN MYG1F2A35V QD32 30


✔ Oil pressure is stable and adequate
✔ Good performance under high temperature
✔ No noise & Long Life
✔ Accept Small Order
✔ After-Sales Service



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